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Eldon Russell
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DVD Transfer Service Inc.

Would you like to have your favorite VHS videos transferred from VHS to DVD? We have just formed a new DVD transfer company called ďDVD Transfer Service Inc.Ē We are now making this service available at a affordable cost. We will transfer anything from home movies to your favorite tv shows and movies. Unlike transferring from VHS to VHS (which you always lose quality), from VHS to DVD you get a perfect dupe, in fact sometimes the quality is even better. If you have poor tracking in a VHS copy though, that wonít change unfortunately. Transferring a VHS tape to DVD is the best way to go. A VHS tapeís life is 15-20 years at the most. A DVDís average lifespan is predicted to be 30-40 years, plus the quality is so much clearer, not to mention a DVD is more compact and easier to store.

This service has been very exclusive by DVD companies up to now. The few companies offering the service are charging $300-$600 just to transfer a video from VHS to DVD. We have a Christmas sale going on right now, only $30.00 per transfer (reg. price $50.00). This sale runs from November 1 thru December 31.

What do you have to do to use our service? First you need to contact us via e-mail to make an appointment to have your videos transferred? We donít just want the videos showing up on our doorstop, we want to know they are coming, plus we only have one set of equipment at the moment and will more than likely have a waiting list with this low introductory cost that we are offering. So we request that an appointment be made. Also, Eldon will make available copies of his VHS videos to DVD for these same prices. We still want an appointment for this as well. You contact him and ask him about the availability of the DVD recording at the time you request tapes from him.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask us any questions. We can be contacted by e-mail at or

Eldon Russell and David Rieger,
DVD Transfer Service Inc., co-presidents

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