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Eldon Russell Video Services
Old Time Radio

$6.95 each
2 episodes per tape unless marked otherwise
#RY1456- Suspense
Pink Camellias 12-27-45/Three Faces at Midnight 2/27/47
#RY1461- Dragnet
Claude Jimmerson 2-2-50/The Big Girl 2-9-50
#RY1473- Fibber McGee & Molly
New Fur Coat 2-27-39/That Ol' Closet Routine 3-5-39
#RY1484- Fibber McGee & Molly
Make a Pal Of Your Wife 3-12-40/Boundary Dispute With Gildy 3-26-40
#RY8- Inner Sanctum
Dead Man's Holiday 6-19-45/Wailing Wall 11-6-45
#RY286- Great Gildersleeve
Locked Out At Night 10-26-41/Little Gertrude 11-2-41
#RY394- Gunsmoke
Meanest Man in Town 12-4-55/Selling Land 12-11-55
#RY187- Fibber McGee & Molly
Eye Doctor 4-25-39/Buried Treasure 5-16-39
#RY1902- Fibber McGee & Molly
Selling Encyclopedias 3-2-36/Auto Show 10-11-37
#RY417- Life of Riley
Riley's Dream House 7-25-43/Stag Party 9-24-44
#RY478- My Favorite Husband
Football Expert 1948/Numerology 12-25-48
#RY517- Burns & Allen
Income Taxes 3-17-49/Second Courtship 1949
#RY715- Amos 'n' Andy
Love Doctor 1-26-45/Sappire On TV 3-4-51
#RY733- Amos 'n' Andy
Andy's Engagement 11-17-44/Millionaire Pembroke 1952
#RY773- Our Miss Brooks
Working Like a Horse 11-7-48/Skiing 2-22-48
#RY791- Charlie McCarthy Show
Governor McCarthy 11-11-45/Miles Standish 11-18-45
#RY851- Jack Benny Show
Sick In Bed 12-1-40/Leaving For New York 12-18-40
#RY907- Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show
Losing Drivers License 3-27-49/Sponsor's Daughter 4-3-49
#RY952- Amos 'n' Andy
Kingfish Wins TV 11-27-49/New Car 11-15-53
#RY971- Life of Riley
Father's Day 6-19-48/Vacation 6-26-48
#RY984- Jack Benny Show
Halloween Party 10-30-38/Big Fight 11-6-38
#RY1025- Jack Benny Show
Football Drama 11-27-38/Murder in Movies 12-4-38
#RY1276- Jack Benny Show
Barbara Stanwyk 1-7-40/Jack's Girlfriend on Phone 1-21-40
#RY1348- Jack Benny Show
Gardening 4-4-37/George Burns & Gracie Allen 4-11-37
#AC817- Jack Benny Program
To Have & Have Not 01-05-47/I Stand Condemned 01-19-47
#RY1409- Red Skelton Show
Shows from 4-9-50/12-31-50
$8.95 each
#RS77- Abbott & Costello Show
Jack & The Beanstalk 02-15-45/ Miles Standish 05-29-45
#RS1389- Abbott & Costello Show
7 Classic Routines/G.S.- Lucille Ball 11-11-43
#RS55- The Aldrich Family
Big Bond Drive 6-18-42/Props For School Play 4-15-43
#RS1732- The Aldrich Family
Selling War Bonds 4-01-43/Forgets To Mail Letter 10-23-41
#RS37- Amos 'n' Andy
Andy Is Willed $2,000 4-24-49/No True Friends 5-08-49
#RS395- Amos 'n' Andy
New Neighbors 12-02-51/Sapphire Might Be Pregnant 2-05-50
#RS891- Amos 'n' Andy
The Millionaire 5-04-48/Antique Piano 1-30-49
#RS1607- Amos 'n' Andy
Cat Burglar 11-01-53/Kingfish The Detective 4-19-53
#AC761- Amos 'n' Andy
Andy's New Wife 10-18-43/Leroy's Lock Invention 5-13-47
#AC780- Amos 'n' Andy
Mountain Cabin 5-18-48/Raffle Ticket 5-25-48
#RS366- The Bickersons (*)
The Best of the Bickersons
#RS778- The Bickersons
Bachelor Party/The Will/Amos Borrows The Car/ The New Puppy/The New Tux/Amos Does Time
#RY107- Our Miss Brooks
Marriage By Mail/Hillbilly Band
#RS783- The Bickersons
Blanche Learns To Drive/The Operation/ New Apartment/Pink Slip
#RS760- Burns & Allen
Best Show of 1937/Christmas 12-23-37
#RS983- Burns & Allen
Second Courtship 09-28-49/G.S.- Fred Astaire 02-15-44
#RS1622- Burns & Allen
Gracie Turns House Into Office 02-27-47/ The Crime Solver 03-06-47
#RS336- Burns & Allen
G.S.- Walter O'Keefe 01-22-48/Income Tax Time 01-15-48
#AC906- Burns & Allen
Jack Benny's Beauty Secrets 11-9-43/ George The Genius 03-21-44
#AC409- Burns & Allen
Gracie Wants George To Look Young 06-18-45/ Troop Entertainment Tour 06-25-45
#AC413- Burns & Allen
The Cheap Skate w/Jack Benny 03-31-49
Adopting Mickey Rooney 05-19-49
#RS637- Charlie McCarthy Show
Famous Adam & Eve Sketch w/Mae West
#RS1734- Charlie McCarthy Show
Barbara Stanwyk 04-25-43/Irene Dunn 05-02-43
#RS638- Charlie McCarthy Show
Judy Garland 06-21-42/Carman Miranda 01-07-45
#RS644- Duffy's Tavern
The Bully w/Sheldon Leonard/Charles Coburn
#RS1382- Duffy's Tavern
Schoomate Visits 02-16-49/Mickey Rooney 03-02-49
#RS1474- Duffy's Tavern
Archie's Bank Account 03-23-49/Television Play 03-09-49
#RS1596- Fred Allen Show
Jack Benny 05-26-46/James Mason 10-19-47
#RS47- Fibber McGee & Molly
Fender Accident 04-01-41/Astronomy Interest 04-08-41
#RS1765- Life Of Riley
Riley's Going To Arabia 01-14-49/ Riley's Old Flame 01-21-49
#RS1567- Life of Riley
Love Letter To Peg 06-23-50 Where Does The Money Go? 10-06-50
#RS668- Life of Riley
Baby Mixup 02-01-47/Riley The Milkman 02-08-47
#RS1026- Lum and Abner (*)
Lum Wants To Sell The Store 04-19-50/ The Author 04-26-50
#RS1316- Lum & Abner
Lum Is Nuts/The Trial/Settling With Hodgkins/ Lum Leaves Town
#RS271- Mel Blanc Fix It Shop (*)
April Fool's Joke 04-01-47/Easter Egg Hunt 04-08-47
#RS71- Our Miss Brooks
Big Date 03-06-49/Bad Cafeteria Food 03-13-49
#RS72- Our Miss Brooks
April Fool's Day 04-03-49/Friday the 13th 05-15-49
#RS976- Our Miss Brooks
Surprise Birthday Party 10-24-48/Football Game 10-31-48
#RS1520- Our Miss Brooks
Madison High Auction 3-19-50
Mayor Rides By Madison High 04-30-50
#AC010- Our Miss Brooks
Secret Life of Connie Brooks 11-14-48 The 1st National Bank of Brooks 01-30-49
#RS74- Ozzie & Harriet (*)
Speech On Ancient Greeks 03-20-49 Wrong Change 04-24-52
#RS1062- Ozzie & Harriet
Apartment House 09-23-45/Exaggeration 09-30-45
#RS66- Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show (*)
Firing Frankie 02-06-49/Valentine's Day 02-13-49
#RS67- Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show
Jury Duty 02-20-49/Frankie Moves In 02-27-49
#RS1789- Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show
Phil & Alice Plead For Frankie 03-13-49 Wallpapering The Bedroom 03-06-49
#RS887- Red Skelton Show
Car Parking Trouble 11-19-46 People Who Give Dinners To Impress 11-24-46
#RS1387- Red Skelton Show
On Elevators 02-04-47/About Taxicabs 02-11-47
#RS1593- Red Skelton Show
A Three Cent Stamp 01-14-51/ Big Business Venture 01-28-51
#RS888- Red Skelton Show
Railroads 12-03-46/Department Stores 12-17-46
#RS99- Boston Blackie
Vase Case/Murder With An Alibi
#RS439- Boston Blackie
Trucking Problem/Getting A Killer Out Of The Country
#RS1611- Boston Blackie
Mrs. Boston Blackie/Winthrope Diamond
#RS962- Boston Blackie
The Lady Hitchhiker/A Man Following Eva
#RS828- Night Beat (*)
Wanna Buy A Story? 09-18-50/A Case of Butter 09-25-50
#RS1018- The Shadow
Flight of the Vulture 12-10-39/Murder Inc. 12-17-39
#RS1216- The Shadow
Mark of the Black Widow 10-27-40/ Plot That Failed 03-24-50
#RS1355- The Shadow
Death Shows The Way 12-03-39 Werewolf of Hamilton Mansion 01-05-47
#RS818- The Whistler
The Choice 01-13-47/The Last Curtain 01-20-47
#RS48- Fibber McGee & Molly
Eye Doctor 04-15-41/Big Poker Game 04-22-41
#RS49- Fibber McGee & Molly
Stuck In Cement 04-29-41/Books & Games 05-06-41
#RS413- Fibber McGee & Molly
Vacation Time 06-22-43/Fibber Wants To Go Out 09-28-43
#AC700- Fibber McGee & Molly
Old Boyfriend 12-26-39/Ink On The Rug 04-16-40
#AC702- Fibber McGee & Molly
Turning The Hose On Gildy 05-14-40/ Checkers Game Deadlock 05-21-40
#RS 31- Great Gildersleeve
Gildy Engaged 01-10-43/Women's Club Speech 01-17-43
#RS112- Great Gildersleeve
Bank Robber 04-14-46/The Petition 04-21-46
#RS1446- Great Gildersleeve
Debt To Pay 10-14-45/Leila's New Friend 10-21-45
#AC710- Great Gildersleeve
First Show 05-16-41/Life in Summerfield Circa 1903
#AC870- Great Gildersleeve
Love at First Sight/The New Piano Teacher
#AC873- Great Gildersleeve
Jolly Boy's Club/Gildy The Great Detective
#RS9- Jack Benny Program
Phil Harris' First Show 10-04-36/Romeo & Juliet 10-25-36
#RS934- Jack Benny Program
Carmichael The Polar Bear 02-19-39/Jesse James 02-26-39
#RS932- Jack Benny Program
Easter Show 04-17-38/Snow White & The 7 Gangsters 04-24-38
#RS1185- Jack Benny Program
G.S.- Fred Allen 01-14-45/G.S.- Eddie Cantor 02-10-46
#AC820- Jack Benny Program
Best of Jack Benny/Last Radio Show 05-22-55
#RS1358- The Shadow
The Shadow Returns 11-19-39/Cat & The Killer 01-12-47
#RS84- X Minus One (*)
Child's Play 10-20-55/Saucer of Loneliness 01-09-57
#RS133- X Minus One
Death Wish 10-10-57/The Point of Departure 10-17-57
#RS543- X Minus One
Martian Death March 11-14-56/Castaways 11-28-56
#RS70- Inner Sanctum
The Unforgiving Corpse 05-31-49
Corpse Without a Conscience
#RS301- Inner Sanctum
Wish To Kill 11-14-49/The Black Seagull 03-07-43
#RS610- Inner Sanctum
The Corridor of Doom 10-23-45/Lonely Sleep 09-25-45
#RS374- Lights Out
#RS747- Lights Out
Murder Castle 08-03-43/Special To Hollywood (1944)
#RS748- Lights Out
Chicken Heart & The Dark/Alley Cat
#RS12- Suspense
Burning Court 06-17-42/Wet Saturday 06-24-42
#RS15- Suspense
Last Letter of Dr. Bronson 07-27-43 Murder Goes For A Swim 07-20-43
#RS286- Suspense
Great Horrell 08-22-46/Hunting Trip 09-12-46
#RS1715- Suspense
Marry For Murder 09-09-43/The Cross Eyed Bear 09-16-43
#RS1723- Suspense
The Cellar Door 01-24-56/Arctic Rescue 01-31-56
#RS58- The Whistler
Retribution 05-16-42/Shrunken Head 06-13-42
#RS61- The Whistler
House of Greed 09-05-42/Urge To Kill 10-04-42
#RS1452- The Whistler
Impulse 01-23-49/All Damages Covered 01-30-49
#RS1584- The Whistler
Treasure Hunt 01-21-46/Panic 02-04-46
#RS1080- Mysterious Traveller
Death Is My Caller 10-21-47/ Man Who Died Twice 02-24-48
#RS1087- Mysterious Traveller
Visiting Corpse 08-10-48/ Death Has A Thousand Faces 09-21-48
#RS416- Mysterious Traveller
Queen of the Cats 07-02-44/Man Who Vanished 07-06-48
#RS25- Gunsmoke
The Kentucky Tolmans 08-09-52/Shakespeare 08-23-52
#RS491- Gunsmoke
Billy The Kid 04-26-52/Jasliscoe 05-10-52
#RS770- Gunsmoke
Murder Warrant 04-24-54/The Constable 05-08-54
#RS1125- Lone Ranger
Mousetrap Strategy 07-12-43/Bad Man's Bluff 07-14-43
#RS1239- Lone Ranger
Trigger Takes Bait 10-26-49/Mission By Proxy 10-28-49
#RS1769- Lone Ranger
Holster Heritage 01-01-45/The Golden Link 01-03-45
Old Time Radio Collections
#RS4036-The Cinnamon Bear
6hrs./5 cassettes/26 episodes $29.95
#AC092- Fibber McGee & Molly Vol. 1
All consecutive shows from 5/28-12/3/40 6hrs./6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#AC095- Fibber McGee & Molly Vol. 2
All consecutive shows from 10/12/48-1/11/49 6hrs./6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#AC136- Fibber McGee & Molly Vol. 3
All consecutive shows from 4/10-6/26/45 6hrs./6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#AC086- Great Gildersleeve Vol. 1 (collection 1)
All consecutive shows from 1/21-5/12/48 6hrs./6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#AC143- Great Gildersleeve Vol. 2 (collection 1)
All consecutive shows from 5/19-11/13/48 6hrs./6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#AC088- Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy Vol. 1
Broadcasts from 11/6/55, 11/13/55, 11/27/55, 1/8/56, 1/15/56, 2/5/56. 6hrs./6 cassettes/6 episodes $29.95
#AC100- Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy Vol. 2
Broadcasts from 3/4/56, 3/18/56, 3/25/56, 4/8/56 4/15/56, 4/22/56. 6hrs./6 cassettes/6 episodes $29.95
#AC656- Life of Riley
All consecutive shows from 9/27/47-2/28/48 9hrs/6 cassettes/18 episodes $39.95
#AC693- Amos 'n' Andy Vol. 1 (Collection 1)
All consecutives shows from 10/8-12/31/43 5 1/2 hrs./6 cassettes/11 episodes $29.95
#AC694- Amos 'n' Andy Vol. 2 (Collection 1)
All consecutive shows from 1/7-3/24/44 6hrs/6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#AC695- Amos 'n' Andy Vol. 3 (Collection 1)
All consecutive shows from 3/31-6/16/44 6hrs./6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#AC091- Our Miss Brooks (Collection 1)
All consecutive shows from 2/27-5/15/49 6hrs./6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#AC051- Lum 'n' Abner Vol. 1 (collection 1)
"Pine Ridge's $10,000 Dilemma" All consecutive shows 6hrs./6 cassettes/24 episodes $29.95
#AC052- Lum 'n' Abner Vol. 2 (collection 2)
"Mystery of Black Pelican's Baby" All consecutive shows 6hrs/6 cassettes/24 episodes $29.95
#AC083- Jack Benny Program Vol. 1 (collection 1)
All consecutive shows from 2/22-5/9/48 6hrs./6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#AC082- Jack Benny Program Vol. 2 (collection 1)
All consecutive shows from 5/16-10/31/48 6hrs./6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#AC103- Jack Benny Program Vol. 3 (collection 1)
All consecutive shows from 11/7/48-1/23/49 6hrs./6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#AC104- Jack Benny Program Vol. 4 (collection 1)
All consecutive shows from 1/30-4/17/49 6hrs./6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#AC744- The Homefront
8pt. radio series covering the years 1938-1945. 5 1/2 hrs./4 cassettes/8 shows $24.95
#AC823-Adventures By Morse: Cobra King Strikes Back
10 chapter serial/3 cassettes $24.95
#RS4100- Burns & Allen Vol. 1 (collection 1)
18 classic episodes/9hrs./6 cassettes $39.95
#WS19829- Great Gildersleeve Vol. 1 (collection 2)
10hrs./10 cassettes/20 episodes $34.95
#RS4127- Dragnet Vol. 1
9hrs/6 cassettes/18 episodes $39.95
#ACAB841- Mel Blanc Show
9hrs/6 cassettes/18 episodes $34.95
#ACAB141- Burns & Allen Vol. 1 (collection 2)
All consecutive shows from 10/6-12/22/42
6hrs/6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#ACAB142- Burns & Allen Vol. 2 (collection 2)
All consecutive shows from 12/29/42-3/30/43 6hrs/6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#ACAB145- Burns & Allen: Gracie For President
All consecutive shows from 2/8-5/29/40 6hrs/6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#ACAB138- The Six Shooter
All consecutive shows from 3/14-6/3/54 w/Jimmy Stewart 6hrs/6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95
#ACAB148- Night Beat
6hrs/6 cassettes/12 episodes $29.95

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