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Classic TV Special Order Section

$12.99 each
#CB-9223- Father Murphy: In God's Arms
#CB-51421- Date With Angels Vol. 1
Betty White stars in "Tree on Parkway" and "Return of the Wheel"
#CB-3182- All in the Family: Archie Meets Meathead
"Meet the Bunkers," "Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood," and "Flashback: Mike Meets Archie".
#CB-3183- All in the Family: Sammy Take Bunker Hill
"Sammy's Visit," "Maude," and "The Very Moving Day".
#CB-062529- Mission Impossible Vol. 1
"Pilot" and "The Photographer".
#CB-192362- Dukes of Hazzard
"One Armed Bandits"
#CB-COL25684- Charlie's Angels
"Angels Undercover"
#CB-COL24704- Gidget: Beach Blanket Gidget
"Dear Diary-ET Al," "Is It Love or Symbiosis?" and "And I Love You, I Think".
#CB-VC4401- Loretta Young Show Vol. 1
"Earthquake" and "Feeling No Pain".
#CB-WAR15285- Maverick: According to Hoyle

$14.99 each
#MU10-2134- Candid Camera
1 Episode/30 min.
#MU10-2460- Mannix: Nothing Ever Works Twice
#MU06-2353- Brady Bunch Vol. 1
"The Honeymoon," and "A Camping We Will Go"
#MU02-2960- Flying Nun Christmas
"Wailing in A Winter Wonderland" and "The Reconversion of Sister Shapiro"
#MU02-2954- I Dream of Jeannie Vol. 1
"Lady in the Bottle" and "My Hero".
#MU58-8170- WKRP Christmas Edition
"Bah Humbug" and "A Date with Jennifer".
#MU01-5151- The Avengers
"The Living Dead" and "The Hidden Tiger"
#MU04-3501- The Best of the Simpsons Vol. 1
"There's No Disgrace Like Home" and "Life on the Fast Lane?"
#MU04-5297- Beavis & Butt-head: Work Sucks
"Cleaning House," "Sperm Bank," "Customers Suck" and others.
#MU07-2140- Thriller: Masquerade
Stars Tom Poston and Elizabeth Montgomery.
#MU02-2945- Bewitched: Meet the Stephens
"I Darrin Take This Witch" and "And Then There Were Three"
#MU10-2554- Dick Van Dyke Show: All About Rob
"Don't Trip Over That Mountain," "You Ought To Be In Pictures" and "Br-room Br-room"
#MU10-2556- Dick Van Dyke Show: All About Laura
"October Eve," "Gesundeit Darling," and "My Husband Is The Best One".
#CB-X5911- Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Vol. 1
"The Raging River" and "The Bugle Calls".
#CB-545222- Beverly Hillbillies Vol. 1
"The Clampettes Strike Oil" and "Getting Settled"
#CB-409- Burns and Allen Vol. 1
"Gracie Has To Sell The Car" and "George Goes Skiing"
#CB-419- Have Gun Will Travel
"Savage Primitive" and "Jonah".
#CB-X4858- Howdy Doody Vol. 1
2 episodes.
#CB-X8021- Howdy Doody Vol. 2
2 episodes.
#CB-1669- Inner Sanctum
"Dead Level" and "Killer's Choice".
#CB-X1036- Red Skelton Hour
"Guest- Martha Raye"
#CB-X5922- Suspicion
"Meeting in Paris" stars Rory Calhoun and Jane Greer.
#CB-ATV049- Space Patrol
"The Mystery of Planet X" and "The Ice Demon of Planet X"
#CB-X5062- Tales of the Texas Rangers Vol. 1
"Diamond Smugglers" and "A Texas Million"
#CB-433- Trouble With Father
"Hate That Love Seat" and "The Stu's Boutique"
#CB-405- The Whistler Vol. 1
"The Lovely Look" and "The Other Hand"
#MU14-3394- Addams Family Vol. 1
"Addams Family Goes To School" and "Morticia & The Psychiatrist"
#MU14-1395- Addams Family Vol. 2
"Morticia Joins the Ladies League" and "Fester's Punctured Romance"

$16.99 each
#CB-REPO3905- The Fugitive
"Never Wave Goodbye" 2 parts
#CB-906112- Jack Benny Program
"Guests- Milton Berle & Lucille Ball"
#CB-PMV636769- The Amazing Adventures of Mr. Bean
#CB-32676- Stars in the Eye
"Guests- Jack Benny, Lucille Ball, Amos 'n' Andy, and George Burns.
#MU10-9750- My Little Margie Vol. 1
"The Trapped Freddie" and "What's Cooking?"
#MU10-9751- My Little Margie Vol. 2
"Buried Treasure" and "Vern's New Girlfriend"
#MU10-9647- Hollywood Palace Vol. 2
"Guests- Nat King Cole, Diahann Carroll"
#MU10-9392- You Asked For It
2 shows
#MU04-3643- Sgt. Bilko Vol. 1
"The New Recruits" and "A Mess Serg Can't Win"
#MU15-5104- Peter Gunn: Death House Testament
2 episodes
#MU15-5105- Peter Gunn: Rough Buck
2 episodes
#MU58-8077- Hill Street Blues: Pilot Show
#MU63-1363- Car 54: Where Are You? Vol. 1
"Who's For Swordfish" & "Something Nice For Sol"
#MU63-1364- Car 54: Where Are You? Vol. 2
"Home Sweet Sing Sing" & "Change Your Partner"
#MU12-1642- Outer Limits
"The Galaxy Being" stars Cliff Robertson
#MU12-2214- Outer Limits
"I Robot" stars Leonard Nimoy
#MU10-2176- The Invaders: Beach Head #MU07-2141- Thriller
"The Grim Reaper" stars William Shatner
#MU63-1371- Bonanza
"Bullet For A Bride"
#MU04-2522- Are You Being Served: Dear Sexy Knickers
3 episodes
#MU04-2523- Are You Being Served: Big Brother
3 episodes
#MU10-2158- Combat!: The Bridge at Chalons
#VY832- $64,000 Question
1 episode
#CB-ATV035- Andy's Gang
2 episodes
#CB-550- Bat Masterson
2 episodes
#CB-AT1302- The Life of Riley
"Riley's Hamburger" and "Lost Weekend".
#CB-AT967- Mothers In Law/Oh Susanna
1 episode of each series
#CB-429- Sky King Vol. 1
"Robbers on Wheels" and "The Rainbird"
#CB-432- Terry and the Pirates Vol. 1
"Black Market in Death" and "Excess Baggage".
#CB-905805- Tales From The Darkside Vol. 1
4 episodes with E.G. Marshall, Jerry Orbach and Darren McGavin.

$19.99 each
#MU58-8036- I Spy Vol. 1
"Bet Me A Dollar" and "Happy Birthday Everyone".
#MU10-8469- Gabby Hayes Show Vol. 1
2 episodes
#MU63-1435- Bonanza: Enter Mark Twain
#MU10-1202- Medic Vol. 1
"My Brother Joe" & "Flash of Darkness"
#CB-TV273- Beat the Clock
2 episodes
#MU-09-5201- Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Vol. 1
"Caper at the Bijou" and "Best Dressed Man"
#MU-09-5202- Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Vol. 2
"Dobie's Birthday Party" (w/Ron Howard) and "The Flying Millicans".
#MU63-8001- The Fugitive Vol. 1
"The Girl From Egypt" and "The End Is But The Beginning"
#MU01-5109- Jack Benny Visits Walt Disney
#MU63-8037- Bill Dana Show Vol. 1
"Blood For Two Turnips," "What Elephant," and "Jose On The Ledge".
#MU04-2806- Gunsmoke Vol. 1
"The Killer" and "Kittys Outlaw"
#MU04-2807- Gunsmoke Vol. 2
"The Pest Hole" and "The Guitar"
#MU02-2142- All In The Family 20th Anniversary Special
#MU62-1177- The Dean Martin Show
"Guest- Bob Newhart"
#MU10-8462- China Smith Vol. 1
"The Kaprielian Cipher" and "Yellow Jade Lion"
#MU09-1203- Caesar's Hour
Stars Sid Caesar
#MU50-7142- Dark Shadows: 25th Anniversary
#MU09-1877- Climax
"The Lou Gehrig Story"
#MU10-8169- Climax
"Public Pigeon #1" stars Red Skelton
#MU04-2542- Rawhide: Premiere Episode
#TK1335- The Whistler Vol. 1
"Letters From Aaron Burr," "The Lovely Look," "The Man Who Ran," and "The Other Hand"
#VY925- Man Against Crime
2 episodes
#VY1425- Westinghouse Studio One
"Little Women"
#VY1788- Captain Video
2 episodes
#CB-475679- Life With Elizabeth
2 episodes starring Betty White
#TK106- Hall Fall of Fame
"Macbeth" (1954) stars Maurice Evans
#TK1110- Boston Blackie Vol. 1
"Unknown Killer," "Man in the Mask," "Death On Roller Coaster," and "Death In Power Plant."
#TK1179- Gangbusters
"Flaschetti Case," "Rocco Case," "Three Kid Case," and "Van Meter Case."
#TK1184- Studio 57 Vol. 1
"No Great Hero," "An End To Fear," "One Kiss Too Many," and "A Little Care."
#VY294- Suspense
"F.O.B. Vienna" and "All Hallow's Eve"
#TK238- Trouble With Father
"Spooks," "Hate That Love Seat," "Yvette," and "What Paper Do You Read?"
#TK2074- Oh! Susanna (Gale Storm Show)
"How To Catch a Man," "It's Only Money," "It's Murder My Dear," and You Gotta Have Charm"
#TK2095- Blondie
"Rummage Sale," "The Deception," "Puppy Love," and "Made To Fire"
#TK2106- Bing Crosby Show
"The Test," "The Liberated Woman," "A Fine Romance," and "The Green Couch".
#TK313- Milton Berle Show
"Guests- Elvis Presley and Jack Benny"
#TK3054- The Tonight Show
Show from 3/23/65 with guests Henry Morgan, Robert Murphy, and Anita Bryant.
#TK601- What's My Line
"Guests- Lucille Ball, Kim Novak, Ronald Reagan, and Bob Hope
#TK228- Ray Milland Show Vol. 1
"Jury Duty," "International Accident," "Hollywood Story," and "Peggy's Night Out".

This is a just a sample of the thousands of classic tv shows available on videocassette. If you have a request for a specific television series, let me know and I'll let you know if it's available on video.

Special Order Section:

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