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2000 Video Catalogue

All the classic tv videos advertised in this catalogue are only $12.99 each and the movies are $8.99 each in the VHS format only and are public domain. Many other video sources sell tv shows for $20, $30, and more. I want my customers to enjoy these videos at a good reasonable price. Remember many of these shows have not aired on television in over 40 years and are worth the low price of $12.99. All tapes are recorded in the SP speed on high quality videocassettes.

As you can tell from my catalogue, sitcoms are my specialty. My favorites are Burns and Allen, Amos 'n' Andy, and My Little Margie. I hope to add more of these shows in future updates. I also enjoy comedy/variety shows with comedians such as Milton Berle, Red Skelton, and Jackie Gleason. I especially enjoy tv shows with the original network commercials. As you can see I have several in this catalog. I just recently added videos of just tv commercials from the 1950's and 60's. I want to know what my customers want. Tell me what shows that you what to see more of in future updates. Do you prefer sitcoms, variety, drama, western, adventure, etc. Even if you are looking for a video that I can't carry in my catalog, I can special order it for you, but they won't be the same low prices that I offer because there are a lot of catalogues that charge $30 or more. I do get almost every video catalogue known to man, so if you have any request of a tv show or movie and if it's available on video, I can find it.

As always my tapes advertised in this catalogue are all believed to be in the public domain. No copyrights are given or implied and all tapes are intended for personal home use only and not for broadcasting or public showing. Please note that most tapes are from the early days of television. In many cases the quality of these programs is inferior to today's technology. Because of less than perfect sources in some cases, such as damaged film prints, old kinescopes, etc. some shows do have flaws in them. Most are minor though and will not hinder enjoyment. Please remember that quality is subjective and the best kinescope from the 1950's cannot compare to current television broadcasts.

SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS/COMMERCIAL VIDEOS: I am now offering special order items from other catalogues. This includes television shows and movies released by commercial companies like Columbia, Warner Bros., and Tri Star. These are the original tapes in their original cases, not illegal duplicates. There are so many good tv shows, old time radio, and movies available on video but I can not carry them all or keep them in stock. I will special order these items for you. I have listed the most popular items available, there are hundreds more, so if you have a request send it with your order and I'll give a price quote. With special order items please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Most orders are shipped within 2 weeks but please do allow the extra time in case a order is delayed for some reason (see this section of the catalogue for more information).

TIN SIGNS/TV & MOVIE STAR POSTCARDS: Now available are a line of tin sign reproductions and sepia-toned photos featuring classic tv and movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Lucille Ball, the Three Stooges, and many others.

DELIVERY INFORMATION: Due to the unexpected demand for our tapes, especially custom-made tapes, delivery time on filling orders has been slowed down slightly. I try my very best to get your order to you two weeks after I receive your order.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: Payment by check, cash, or money order. Credit cards are accepted online through PayPal.com. Payment should be made to "Eldon Russell" and not to "Eldon Russell Video Services". Personal checks must clear before orders will be shipped. REMEMBER: Any orders received without proper shipping charges will not be shipped!

IMPORTANT: I have now marked in my video catalogue tv shows that have been taped directly off of television. These shows taped from television are believed to be uncut and complete unless they are marked as being the syndicated version. I have marked these shows taped from television with a asterik (*). Note: Some of these shows from television may have onscreen logos or other broadcast markings. Please keep in mind when ordering that many of these shows are 40-45 years old and many are scarce in any condition.

I have also made available for the first time in my catalogue my video dubbing service. If you have family videos such as a wedding, family reunion, or other special event that you need copies of I will make copies of them for you. You will find this service included in the catalogue. Please note: No copyrighted tapes will be accepted for copying.

Video Dubbing Charges If you provide the blanks: 1 hour or less- $3.00 a tape (5 or more $2.00 a tape) 1-2 hours- $4.00 a tape (5 or more $3.00 a tape). If I provide the blanks: 1 hour or less- $5.00 a tape (5 or more- $4.00 a tape) 1-2 hours- $6.00 a tape (5 or more- $5.00 a tape) No Copyrighted Tapes Please.

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