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Prices For The Movies Are:
$9.00 each
($8.00 each for a purchase of 4 or more).

#M401- Check & Double Check (1930) Stars Amos 'n' Andy with music by the Duke Ellington Orchestra. (70 min.)

#M402- Our Town (1940) Stars William Holden and Martha Raye in the film adaptation of the Thornton Wilder. (90 min.)

#M403- The Gold Rush (1925) Stars Charlie Chaplin in his funny best as a gold prospector, the classic scene where he has to eat his shoe is hilarious. (85 min.)

#M404- Utopia (1951) Stars Laurel and Hardy in their final film as two men looking to escape the realities of every day life so they settle on their own island. (80 min.)

#M405- Topper Returns (1941) Stars Roland Young, Billie Burke, Joan Blondell, and Carole Landis, and Eddie "Rochester" Anderson in the final of the "Topper" film series. In this outing Topper tries to solve a young woman's murder after her ghost appears to him. (90 min.)

#M406- Movie Struck (1937) Features Laurel & Hardy in a cameo performance about a girl hoping to find stardom. (75 min.)

#M407- Jack & The Beanstalk (1953) Stars Abbott & Costello in this hilarious adaptation of the popular children's classic with Lou as Jack. (90 min.)

#M408- At War With The Army (1950) Stars Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, and Polly Bergen. In Lewis and Martin's first starring feature, Martin is a Army Sergeant with girl trouble and tries to get Private Lewis to help him. (95 min.)

#M409- When Comedy Was King (1952) Stars Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, The Keystone Cops. The film features silent comedies from the 1920's. (85 min.)

#M410- Africa Screams (1949) Stars Abbott and Costello, Hillary Brooke, Shemp Howard. Bud and Lou go hunting for diamonds on a safari in the darkest Africa in this comedy classic. (85 min.)

#M411- Three Stooges Comedy Classics The Stooges in three of their funniest shorts. (60 min.)
"Disorder in the Court" Larry, Moe, and Curly raise havoc in the courtroom when they come to testify for a murder trial.
"Brideless Groom" Shemp is a music professor who will inherit $500,000 if he can get married in 48 hours.
"Sing a Song of Six Pants" The Stooges play three inept tailors who inadvertently aid a bank robber on the run from the police.

13 #M412- Comedy Shorts Vol. 1
(Each short is approximately 20-25 min. each)
"Be Big" In this comedy classic, Laurel and Hardy send their wives out of town so that they can attend a big party.
"The Stolen Jools" Features Laurel & Hardy, Buster Keaton, The Little Rascals, Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper, and others in this film that was made for charity.
"Going Spanish" Stars Bob Hope as a man on his way to get married but gets himself sidetracked and gets into trouble.
"Billboard Girl" Stars Bing Crosby as a man who falls helplessly in love with a girl on a billboard.

#M413- W.C. Fields Comedy Festival
(Some of W.C. Fields funniest comedy shorts- 60 min.)
"Pool Sharks" (1915) One of W.C. Fields very first comedy shorts, this is silent and very rare.
"The Golf Specialist" (1931) W.C. Fields as the ultimate expert of golfing.
"The Dentist" (1933) This is considered to be W.C. Fields funniest comedy short as a blundering dentist.
"Fatal Glass of Beer" (1932) W.C. Fields does it again using drinking to get laughs.

#M414- Hell Town (1938) Stars John Wayne in one of his earliest westerns. (69 min.)

#M415- Hometown Story (1952) Stars Marilyn Monroe in her first film role. <68 min.)

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